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Thursday, July 22, 2010

HomeGoods, So Good!

In the last 3 days I think I've made 4 trips to HomeGoods. I went with Kali in search of lamps. Thanks to The Nester, they are my latest obsession (if you haven't checked out her blog, she's pretty much amazing and you definitely should. She has our dream home!). So while there, I found 1 lamp that was on clearance for $29. I just couldn't yet make myself pay it because the bottom portion of the lamp wasn't the same color as the lamp shade. The blues were off and it just bothered me. I came home, talked to Ryan about it and of course, being the genius he is, he said, "Just paint it. Didn't you read somewhere how to paint porcelain?" Sha-Zam! He fixed my dilemma. I went back the next morning and bought the lamp. Along with some other goodies!

I continued my day of lamp hunting to downtown to only find another lamp on sale for $22. (I am loving our Visa gift cards we got as wedding gifts!) We aren't fond of the lamp shade, but that's totally replaceable with the help of or trusty Goodwill Store.

Yesterday as I was having lunch with some kiddos from my class last year, I decided that I'd check to see if a HomeGoods was in the area. Wahlah! It was meant to be and off I went. I walked in and there it was. Amongst the awful mess of reconstruction going on in the store was the same lamp I had originally found except in the right color!

I bought it for the low price of $15 and just thought I'd swap the lamp shades around. Of course I came out with more than just a lamp, too!

Here were the lamps before...

Here are the lamps after!

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  1. I'm loving how you made your lamps work!!!! I can't wait to be back in a city with a Marshall's!! AHHHH =)

    P.S. I need to call you!!!!