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Sunday, December 29, 2013

It's A...

We recently gathered our family and a few of our close friends for a little gender reveal party.  I had fun planning for it and putting it together. Here are a few snap shots thanks to my sweet friend, Noelle! 

Of course we had plenty of food! 

The cake was just plain white.  No color inside. 

We all "wore our guess".  Those who thought it was a girl got bows and those who thought it was a boy wore bow ties.  I TOTALLY forgot to take a "Team Boy" and "Team Girl" picture, but the boy team definitely would've won! 
 I was pretty sure it was a girl and hubs was pulling for a boy!

Then it was time for the reveal! (Actually, we did this part first because we both knew and couldn't contain ourselves any longer! Christmas was hard enough!)

I used this tutorial to make confetti poppers.  I will say, they took us about 3 hours total to create, but it was SO worth it!! We have a little video of everyone with all of the colored confetti going everywhere. It was so fun!

Are you ready?!? We didn't make a popper for ourselves, but we did take some fun pictures to share with the world!

 Ignore my weird eye! I was trying to watch the confetti AND look at the camera. Ha ha!

My best friend is also pregnant!! At her gender reveal, I was pregnant and had no idea.  It has been fun for us to walk through this together, as we have many other life events.

We are BEYOND excited and blessed to have this little boy join our family.  I am currently searching for Big Sis and Little Bro shirts.  You better believe my kids will wear matching outfits at times, along with monogrammed things galore!!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Richardson, Party of 4!

Here is a little blurb that Ryan wrote a while back.

"Last night I found out that my wife is pregnant.  Whew!  There, I said it.  It will be quite some time before I am able to say those words out loud.

Unbeknownst to me it is customary to wait a certain amount of time (8-12 weeks) before you tell anyone about the pregnancy.  I have never gotten this...  I just got the biggest news of my life.  I am excited beyond belief but I cant share any of it!!!  Dang it!"

Just to let you all in on how this little journey has gone so far, I thought we'd share our story.

All along we have known we wanted to adopt. When we finally got to the point of wanting to grow our family, we battled with "Do we adopt first or do we wait?" We decided to try for biological children first.  Less than a year into that journey, the Lord continued to speak to us about adoption.  We weren't pregnant yet and doctors told both of us, "There is no reason that you can't have your own biological children." That was the moment that we just knew.  We just knew the Lord was leading us to adopt first.

5 1/2 months into that journey we received our referral for a precious, precious little girl.  We never knew we could love a child so much who has never even been in our arms. I remember looking at Ryan with tear filled eyes one trip down to College Station and saying, "We can't get pregnant now. It will mess up when we go get her!"

Little did I know we already had a little one growing inside me.

2 weeks after we accepted our referral for our little girl, we found out we were expecting. We were overwhelmed with emotion. Everything from, "What about the shots I need to get?", "What about the timing?",  "When will the doctor release me to travel?", "How can I prepare two rooms at once?", "Holy moly...we are going to have two munchkins here at about the same time!!" to "This can ONLY be explained by God."

I'm almost 15 weeks and while you think I'd be feeling better, I'm still throwing up when I least expect it.  So far, both the adoption and the pregnancy have been a roller coaster.  The Lord taught us early in the process that we MUST trust him with both.

So, it is with JOYFILLED hearts that we share that we will soon be "Richardson, party of 4!"