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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Pretty Stinkin' Excited!

So yesterday I received the best blog news ever! I am featured on The DYI Showoff blog today! SUPER excited!! Evidently, she really liked my $2 furniture re-do. Check it out! Also, you should subscribe to her blog if you like this sort of thing. I love, love, love getting to see what other's are up to!

Here are my latest furniture finds at garage sales. I am obsessed with them, but can't decide what to do with them.

The tall table was $7 and the shorter, rectangle table was $5. I also can't decide where to put them. I'd love to put one in our bedroom, but Ryan's furniture is pretty matchy-matchy and we can't exactly just pawn the bedside table off. Any ideas??

{I think I have just about decided that my iPhone camera is just not a good camera for blog photos.}

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Project (Ghost) Lamps

About 3 weeks ago I found this super cute idea on Life in the Fun Lane to make lamps. I immediately fell in love with them! And being my crafty mother's daughter and my fit-it father's daughter, I knew I could do it! Off to Home Depot for light kits, Goodwill for shades, and Hobby Lobby for twine. The iron angles were missing, but we quickly were able to fix that! We had gone to a garage sale about 2 weeks ago and found a cute shabby chic white shelf, new in the box, for only $5! As Ryan was going to put it up, I said, "Oh! I think we could use those iron pieces for our lamps! They were more than $5 at the store!" Of course Ryan loved the idea because that meant he didn't have to put up the shelf! After HOURS, and I mean HOURS of wrapping the cords in twine, we have our lamps, my friends! TA-DA!

I wish we would've put them closer to the corner so that I could tie the cords back to the wall somehow, but oh well. I'm also not sure about them because I think they need to be lower and closer to the table height. It makes me want to put the old sofa table back in this spot. This will have to work for now!