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Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Well its been quite some time since anything has been posted in this blog.  Admittedly I was going to try to "guest post" on my brides teaching blog but I have since found out that for the protection of our marriage (and probably my face) I have been removed as a contributor to that blog.  Nonetheless, I will express my view to the 12 of you that Blogger says subscribes to this wealth of culture, knowledge, and spirituality we call a blog.

Today the topic is superheroes.  I do not mean the kind that fly around in capes and tights.  I mean the ones that stay home with sick kids all day and still manage to run a business.  I am talking about the kind that take kids to music class every week while still maintaining a house that a magazines wants to take pictures of.  I am talking about the ones that have a nincompoop (sp?) for a sidekick sometimes but still manage to pull of the most daring rescues. This superhero is my beautiful wife.

As I sit here typing this she is putting our baby boy down for the night.  I am putting my foot down (as I do all the time because I am a man) and making her take a break from the blog post she has been putting together for her teaching blog.  She loves him so much guys!  I mean its scary sometimes.  She is bout dat life.

Since I am bragging on my wife, I will say that she has silently and unexpectedly become a heck of a business owner.  She is Global Worldwide status y'all.  This girl not only creates dope products for your K - 1st classrooms, she rolls thousands deep on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram.  She is always looking for ways to make her blog better, serve her teachers more, and make our home a happier and better decorated place.

Bottom line guys, she is awesome.  She loves with ferocity.  She will speak her mind, prove her point and make you like it while she does it.  She is is insatiably motivated by her love for kids and the classroom.  She is my butter to my popcorn, the skittles to my rainbow and the Kanye to my Kanye.  She has a huge sale in her TPT store tomorrow and she is going to be dropping some amazing deals.

So, all 12 of you, go to her store and check it out.  Or don't, but leave her a message on here, Facebook, or Instagram and give her some love.

She is my superhero guys.  I love her dearly.