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Monday, July 12, 2010

Home, Sweet Home!

We have now been home for a week and I am just now blogging. I hope this isn't what the rest of our blog life will be like! Every day I think, "Oh! We could totally blog about that!" and then I never do. I've determined it's a lot of work. So I'll do a quick update. Here are the things I could've blogged about each day since the honeymoon.

-Tuesday, July 6- How amazing our honeymoon was and all of the silly things we learned about the St. Lucians (I started this blog, but never finished)
-Wednesday, July 7- I should've taken a "before" picture of our wedding room filled with gifts and talked about all of the things I -am graciously and happily donating to goodwill to make room for the new stuff
-Thursday, July 8- We finally got to go back to church for Bible Study. We saw our flower girl and she remembered everything from our special day! It was so sweet! We got to meet a new pastor at our church and hear him teach. It was great. But the best part of the night was that during this BS my wonderful husband decided to be Mr. Participator of the Night. He answered all of the questions and each reply was, "Well stated. Did everyone hear that? I don't think I can repeat it." Finally I turned to Nikki beside me and said, "Who is this guy??" and she quickly replied, "Girl! That's your husband! Be proud!" It was just a cool time that I got to see the Lord glowing through Ryan.
-Friday, July 9- We went on a pub crawl for Derrick's birthday. I kept calling it a "pub hop" to which each time Ryan said, "No, it's not a pub hop. It's a CRAWL!" It was...well, interesting. Let's just say I got in some great people watching. I also got a HAIRCUT!!! WHOOHOOO!!! I went back to my wedding hair girl, Katie and said "Hey, I need you to finish the cut you started on my wedding day." She did and I love it! I but off a good 4 inches but it's so healthy now! I am in love!
-Saturday, July 10- We went and got the last couple of things from my apartment, had a wonderful lunch with kiddos from my class last year, and then we went shopping for FURNITURE!!! We got a wonderful piece and fell in love with many more. Check it out! Loved the pieces. We even came in under our $300 budget. We bought it some of our wedding money and are using the piece to display our fancy dishes. We then went to an Antique store and came out with an old screen door, a stained glass window, a jar, a pot holder, and two old table legs. And just wait!! They are going to make great treasures!! I'll post pictures after they are all brought back to life.
-Sunday, July 11- The DUMB oven burns everything on the bottom and leaves things uncooked inside! Dave came over and watched the World Cup with Ryan. I used my red KitchedAid mixer (yay!!!) and made cookies. The oven ruined them. Burned (or is it burnt??) on the bottom, gooey inside. BLEH! We also got rid of a couch and recliner. Now we have room for the new furniture! Yay!

That brings us to today. The house is feeling more and more like a home everyday. Praise the Lord!! I made a trip to Dillard's and Bed Bath and Beyond today. Thankfully the lines were not long at all. The time to go is mid-morning I've learned. The same applies to Target-mid-morning is the time to go, my friends! I also went to Goodwill to buy two lampshades. I found an awesome idea for them. I do need Ryan's help though. My goal is to have those done by Friday. I'll definitely post pictures.

This was definitely a long post. Holy cow! I think I should also get mad points for doing this while watching The Bachelorette.(Go Chris!) And I must also say that Ryan just said, "If I was on The Bachelor they'd have the whole town of Grandview gather at the community center." HA HA HA HA HA!!! Hilarious! And probably so true! I love it!

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  1. YAY FOR YOU HAVING A BLOG!!!! Maybe this will help motivate me to keep my blog current- I have a reallll hard time with that!!!