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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Aches and Crafts

The last two days have been an attempt to redo some decor items we already had and some we have recently purchased for super cheap. The problem has been that both days I've been hit with a tummy ache. The second problem is that no one makes "female finger" spray paint! Seriously! Who, besides a man with big fingers, can hold down the spray paint nozzle for more than 5 seconds and not have a bruised finger?! The fact that my finger still hurts and I didn't even finish the shelf yesterday says 1 of 2 things. 1. I'm a wimp. or 2. The nozzle is just too dern hard!! Let's just pretend it reason #2. My dad said it was just cheap spray paint and was not the brand to use. (note to self, don't buy Wal-Target spray paint anymore.)

So this is the before of the spray painting.

Fabulous, right?! Well, as soon as my finger recovers or Ryan gets home and is willing to just spray paint for me, we'll be on a roll.

I cleaned out almost all of the wedding room today! It looks FAB, if I may say so myself. It's not done, but I did get my desk moved in and you can walk in the room now. I was able to get a vacuum in there (Praise the Lord!). The guest bedroom is now looking better, too. But here's the sad news-as I was unpacking the wine glasses we received I discovered a broken stem. It wasn't just in 2 pieces-no, it couldn't be that easy! I unrolled the bubble wrap they were so neatly packed in and crrrrssshhhhhh! (that's the sound shattering glass makes) GLASS WENT EVERYWHERE!!! It was all over the kitchen counter. Needless to say, Dillard's doesn't do such a great job of packing their items because this isn't the first thing that we've received from them that has been broken. Back to Dillard's is where I will be headed on Friday.

On the cooking side of things I made Mexican Casserole for dinner tonight. According to Ryan, it was delicious! My mouth said it was WAY to spicy! I bought HEB brand enchilada sauce and the can said "medium". I definitely think it was labeled incorrectly! I didn't even finish my helping. Again, I was reminded how much I hate our gas stove/oven. The gas is so hot that it immediately burns whatever you put in the bottom of it before the rest can even cook. The beans for dinner were burnt on the bottom. Which is okay-we just won't get any beans from the bottom of the pot. But it's frustrating because I just want to cook a good meal that isn't frustrating to cook! Hopefully tomorrow will be will be providing dinner. :)

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