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Friday, August 12, 2011

Throw Pillows

I needed new pillows. Well, not NEW ones, they could be old ones, too but I needed pillows. The guest bedroom just had one throw pillow (I guess they are called throw pillows because all you do is throw them on the floor, then throw them back on the bed) and for our little window seating area we needed pillows.

Off to Hobby Lobby I went to buy pillow forms. But do you know how much those things are?? $8!! Call me cheap, but I just didn't want to pay that for something I'm going to throw. I checked out the batting, but that was going to cost about the same so I just decided to head on over to Ross, Goodwill, and Target.

Let's start with Goodwill- while I do find lots of treasures here, I just couldn't make myself buy a used pillow that could have throw up, or dog pee, or any other nasty things on them.

Ross- The green pillows came from there. While they were target brand, they were only $2.75. I originally thought I'd use them in my classroom, but they quickly found their home on the window seat.

Target- Oh how I love Target! They rarely let me down. No crazy parking. No super long lines. No crazy dressed people. (Although, yesterday a guy came up to Ryan and said, "Hey man, you want some gum? I just put acid in it." Being the smart man that my husband is, he declined. Thank you WEIRDO for the gum offer!!) I went back to their home and garden section where they had their outdoor patio furniture. For $3 I could get a pillow and just recover it!! BINGO! I picked up 3, because that's all they had. Ha! I brought them home, sewed together some burlap and white fabric that I had left over.

Oh, I don't think I've shown this "love" sign, either. Made that cute little thing from the old fence wood that I picked up from the side of the street. Just used white craft paint, some nails, and those zig-zag picture frame holders.

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