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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Towel Baskets!

We love our new house. We really do. But in the last month we have already found things we don't love so much. Like how our bathroom has no storage for towels. We have one towel rack. But just where are we to STORE the towels?? Thanks to Pinterest, I got this idea. I have had the idea and half of the supplies for a while, but just was not brave enough to drill more holes in the wall. (Last time, I'm pretty sure I made a hole about a 1/2 in. Thank you, Ryan, for fixing the curtain rod!)

So this is my solution. I'll show you a before and after. :) I got the rod at IKEA for about $2.50 and the baskets I searched for for FOREVER! (Seriously. I took my little tape measurer to all the stores. I hit jackpot on the baskets at TJ MAXX. $8 a piece! BINGO!



(I don't know why this is sideways. It's not saved that way on my computer.)

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